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Trafalgar Infants - Thursday - French - Progress Report

Club: Trafalgar- Thursday
Teacher : Grace Venkatasawmy - First half term only
Sarah Bucktowar - Remainder of the year
Term : Autumn Half Term ( Oct 2017)

Our aim is to ensure children understand and learn to love the culture of France and to gain good listening and speaking skills. It is a pleasure to teach your children and I hope they enjoy as much as we do. If you have specific questions, please see me after the club or send an email to

Grace Venkatasawmy

For the beginners:-
We started the autumn term learning greetings:
“Bonjour” (Hello) - “Comment ça va?” (How are you?) - “ça va bien” (I am fine) - “ça va mal” (I am not good) - “ça va comme ci, comme ça “ (so so) - Comment t'appelles-tu ? (What's your name) – Je m'appelle .... (My name is).
We have learnt numbers up to 10 and the colours bleu (blue), blanc (white), rouge (red), jaune (yellow) , vert (green).

For the intermediate level :-
We have revised the above and ensure they are more fluent and confident enough to ask the questions to the other children. We have worked on numbers up to 15.

We talked about:-

The class mascot: His name is Hugo, he is a snail and is blue, white and red like the french flag.
Il s’appelle Hugo, c’est un escargot. Il est bleu, blanc et rouge comme le drapeau de la France.

The Eiffel Tower, where it is found, city and country. The french currency, the euro.

We learnt a couple of songs :-
“Sur le Pont d’Avignon” and explained where it is located. Introduced new vocabulary -
le pont (bridge), danse (dance), la fille (girl), le garçon (boy).
“Bonjour Madame La Lune” and learned more vocabulary with the song :- la lune (moon), le soleil (sun), les étoiles (stars).
“Frére Jacques”

More vocabulary learned during these first five weeks:-
Salut (hello), au revoir (goodbye), merci (thank you), s’il vous plait (please), combien de (how many), écoutez (listen), levez-vous (stand up), asseyez-vous (sit down).
At the end of each lesson we usually have an activity sheet to reinforce the vocabulary learnt and we make sure every week that we are revising the colours and numbers. We play games to spot the colours in the room, we mime the songs to help memorise the new words and we always ensure that we have the correct pronunciation.

Sarah Bucktowar


“Le sandwich, les boissons, le petit dejeuner, couleur et chiffres, Noël” (The sandwich, drinks, breakfast, colours and numbers, Christmas)

Le sandwich : la salade (lettuce), la tomate (tomato), du jambon (bacon), du fromage (cheese), une baguette. Les boissons (drinks) : du lait (milk), de l'eau (water), du jus d'orange (orange juice), la limonade (lemonade), du thé (tea), du café (coffee), un chocolat chaud (hot chocolate). Le petit déjeuner (breakfast) : du beurre (butter), du sucre (sugar), des céréales (cereals), de la confiture (jam), un croissant. Revise colours and numbers, more numbers up to 20. Joyeux Noël et bonne année (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year).

SONGS : J'aime la baguette, Petit Papa Noël.

FESTIVALS : Noël (Christmas)
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