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St Pauls French - Progress Report


Our aim is to ensure children understand and learn to love the culture of France and to gain good listening and speaking skills. We use lively role play, games, bingos, songs and activities to make French culture both enjoyable and memorable.

It is a pleasure to teach your children and I hope they enjoy as much as we do. If you have specific questions, please see me after the club or send an email to

We have welcomed a new group of children who are settled well and participate in games and activities with enthusiasm. we started every sessions with greeting each other an asking “comment ça va?”(how are you?)”ça va bien”(I am fine) “comme çi comme ça”(not to bad)”ça va mal”(I feel bad), quell âge as –tu?(how old are you?), où habites-tu?(where do you live?) We played games such as“Jacques a dit” (French version of Simon says) so the children can learn actions through miming and every session new actions are added up! We sang: “Le gouzi gouzi “and “Dans sa maison un grand cerf”
WE HAVE LEARNED FOLLOWING SUBJECTS: counting to 20 through games; “les formes”(shapes): le cercle, le carré(square), le rectangle…”les fruits”: la fraise(strawberry), la pomme(apple), le raisin(grape)…”les légumes”(vegetables): le radis(radish), la pomme de terre(potato), les champignions(mushrooms)…”petit et grand” (small and big). We try to revise the old vocabularies, colours and numbers in every session.
FOR THE REST OF THE TERM WE WILL COVER: “les vêtements”(clothing); “les animaux se déguisent”(animals dress up), “la famille”; “je mange, je bois” (I eat, I drink); “les Pâques en France”(Easter in France)
We have learned how to make simple sentences like: “Nicolas écoute un CD” (Nicolas listen to CD), “Marie regarde un film”(Marie watches a movie)…”les actions”ex: j’écoute(I listen), je regarde(I watch), Je dessine(I draw); ”les magasins” ex:: la boulangerie(bakery), la boucherie(butcher), l’épicerie(grocery); ”quelle heure est-il?”(what time is it?) and we have learned how to describe a person: c’est un garcon(it is a boy), c’est une fille(it is a girl), ella a les cheveux blonds(she has blond hair)…
FOT THE REST OF THE TERME WE WILL DO: “Mes goûts” ex: j’aime, je déteste …(My taste: I like, I hate…); “Les saisons“(seasons); “Mes préférences” ex: j’aime la glace mais je préfére le chocolat(I like ice creame but I prefer chocolat); “Les pièces de la maison” (the rooms of the house); “Les Pâques en France” (Easter in France).

ALL TERM DATES, REPORTS AND PRESENTATION DATES ARE ON THE WEBSITE Please remember that we expect half a term’s notice if you are not continuing.

We look forward to seeing you next term to continue your journey in French.

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