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Our aim is to ensure children understand and learn to love the culture of France and to gain good
listening and speaking skills. We use lively role play, games, bingos, songs and activities to make
French culture both enjoyable and memorable.
It is a pleasure to teach your children and I hope they enjoy the lessons as much as I do. If you have
specific questions, please see me after the club or send an email to
TOPICS: Le Poisson d’avril ; Body; Face; Going to the Doctor’s; Revision of familiar topics
We started the term by celebrating ‘le poisson d’avril’, literally ‘the April Fish’, the French equivalent
of April Fool’s Day. The aim is to stick a picture of a fish (le poisson) on someone’s back without
them noticing and then, when successful, declaring them ‘le poisson d’avril!’ The children always love
celebrating this tradition. We combined this with a general warm-up session after the Easter holidays,
playing our favourite games to revise familiar topics such as animals, colours, actions, food and drink
and singing familiar French songs. The children have counted up to 60.
VOCAB: Le poisson – fish Le dos – back C’est rigolo! It’s funny! Dix -10, Vingt- 20, Vingt-et-un -
21, Trente -30, Quarante -40, Cinquante – 50, Soixante – 60.
We continued with the Body and Face. This term the children have been learning or revising the body
and face so that they can describe their ailments when going to the Doctor’s. We had some fun active
games, incorporating different actions to exercise different parts of the body. We played memory
games, lotto, did a jigsaw puzzle, constructed a face as part of a team game, insisting on the correct
vocabulary to earn a point for their team. The children loved learning some new action songs.
SONGS: la tête, les épaules, les genoux, les doigts de pied (heads, shoulders, knees and toes) (p22)
La danse des nombres (p.5), Chez le docteur (p.11 of French Club Songs cd booklet)
VOCAB: les yeux – eyes, le nez – nose, la bouche – mouth, les oreilles – ears, le pied – foot, la main –
hand, le ventre – tummy, le bras – arm, la jambe – leg, les cheveux – hair, le cil – eyelash, les sourcils
– eyebrows, le cou – neck. Qu’est-ce que tu as, aujourd’hui? What’s wrong with you today? Aie! Ouch
J’ai mal…à la tête (I’ve got…a headache)…à la gorge (a sore throat)…aux dents (toothache)…au
ventre (tummy ache), dos (back ache)…au pied (my foot hurts)
Rentre chez toi et va au lit! Go home and go to bed!
Ouvrez! Open! Fermez! Close! Levez! Lift! Baissez! Lower!

A Summer Celebration - sports, Father’s Day, On Holiday, The Ocean, Music Festival and Bastille
Day. We will continue to review and build on the topics covered this term.
Vocab: La natation – swimming, la piscine – swimming pool, le cyclisme – cycling, l’athlétisme –
athletics, l’équitation – horse riding, la voile – sailing, le football, le tennis
Bonne fête Papa! Happy Father’s Day! La carte – card, le cadeau – present, merci – thank you

La plage – beach, la mer – sea, la glace – ice cream, le seau et la paille – bucket and spade, la valise –
suitcase, le soleil – sun, les lunettes de soleil – sunglasses, la crème solaire – suncream, la casquette –
sunhat, le château de sable – sandcastle, la serviette – towel, le maillot de bain – swimming costume
Le poisson – fish, le requin – shark, la baleine – whale, la sirène – mermaid, le crabe – crab
La Fête de la Musique – Music Festival, la batterie – drums, la trompette – trumpet, le violon – violin
Le quatorze juillet – 14 th July (Bastille Day), les feux d’artifice – fireworks
Songs : Si tu aimes ton papa, A quelle heure part le train ? (p.31) Dans l’océan (p19), Nous formons
une équipe (p30), Dans mon pays (p28) La Marseilleise.
ALL TERM DATES, REPORTS AND PRESENTATION DATES ARE ON THE WEBSITE Please remember that we expect half a term’s notice if you are not
We look forward to seeing you next term to continue your lifelong journey in French.
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