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Orchard - Monday - French - Progress Report

CLUB :The Orchard School
TEACHERS : Grace Venkatasawmy - Reception and Year 1
Carine Duneau - Year 1 and Year 2
TERM : Spring Term

Our aim is to ensure children understand and learn to love the culture of France and to gain good listening and speaking skills.
It is a pleasure to teach your children and I hope they enjoy as much as we do. If you have specific questions, please see me after the club or send an email to sarah@childrensclubs.com

Grace Venkatasawmy - Reception and year 1 beginners

First Half Term -
At the start of each lesson we practice the basic greetings. We also worked on the following topics :-
Les fruits : Pêche (peach), pomme (apple), poire(pear), abricot (apricot), orange, banane (banana), raisin (grapes) et fraise (strawberry).
Le corps (the body) et le visage (the face): Tête (head), épaules (shoulders), genoux (knees), pieds (feet). Les yeux (eyes), le nez (nose), la bouche (mouth) et les oreilles (ears).

Other vocabulary - Quel âge as-tu (how old are you?) and we always take an opportunity during every lesson to repeat previously learned vocabulary such as filles (girls), garçons (boys), touchez (touch), je mange ( I eat), je bois (I drink), j’aime (I like), je n’aime pas ( I do not like).
We worked on numbers up to 15. We added a couple more colours to those previously learnt - orange and rose (pink).
SONG : Tête, épaules, genoux et les pieds (Page 22).


Les légumes (vegetables) and the French petit déjeuner (breakfast). We will continue to work on our numbers up to 15 and previously learnt colours by incorporating into the new topics.
We will add some more vocabulary - J’ai chaud ( I am hot), j’ai froid ( I am cold), c’est vrai (It is true), c’est faux (It is false), je voudrais (I would like).
We will talk about Easter and mother’s day.

Carine Duneau - Year 1 and Year 2


TOPIC THEMES – Shapes, Comparisons, Transport, Epiphanie
VOCABULARY – Each lesson we practice greetings and basic polite words, we revise numbers and colours and key presentation questions/answers (basic vocabulary). We have looked at different shapes and associated them with colours, then transport and directions.
Les formes: le triangle, le cercle, carré, le rectangle, le lozange, l’étoile (shapes :triangle, circle, square, rectangle, diamond, star) le cercle rouge, le lozange vert (red cercle, green diamond) Les transports :la bicyclette/le vélo, le train, l’avion, la moto, la voiture, le bateau, la fusée(transports : bicycle/bike, train, plane, motobike, car, boat, rocket)
Rapide/lent(e), petit(e)/grand(e) : (rapid/slow, small/tall)

TOPIC THEMES –Directions, clothes, preferences, family
Sur/sous (on/under), devant/derrière ((in front/behind), à droite/à gauche (right/left), en avant/an arrière(forwards/backwards)
Les vêtements (clothes) : le short, le pantalon, la jupe, la robe, le maillot, la chemise, les chaussures, les chaussettes, le manteau, l’écharpe, le pull-over. (shorts, trousers, skirt, dress, T-shirt, shirt, shoes, socks, coat, scarf, jumper)
Preferences : J’aime/ je n’aime pas (I like /I dislike) and also j’adore/je déteste (I love/I hate) with comparison: J’aime plus le pantalon vert que la jupe verte (I like more the green trousers than the green skirt) Je préfère la jupe bleue! (I prefer the blue dress) for more advanced children.
La famille : la grand-mère, le grand-père, la mère, le père, le frère, la sœur/ le fils, la fille and oncle et tante (grand-mother, grand-father, mother, father, brother, sister/ son, daughter, uncle & aunt)

FESTIVALS: La Saint Valentin, la fête des mères, (mother’s day). Pâques (Easter)
SONGS – Sur,sous…, J’aime un peu..,
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