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Chase Bridge - French - Progress Report


Our aim is to ensure children understand and learn to love the culture of France and to gain good listening and speaking skills. We use lively role play, games, bingos, songs and activities to make French culture both enjoyable and memorable. The children have embraced French Club with eagerness and enthusiasm. They are a delight to teach and I hope they enjoy the lessons as much as I do. If you have specific questions, send an email to

TOPICS: Festival of the Kings; Days of the Week; Transport; Mardi Gras (Juniors)
Festival of the Kings; Sandwiches; Drinks; Breakfast; Mardi Gras (Infants)

We all started with a French celebration of the Epiphany festival of ‘la Fête des Rois’ which marks the day the Three Kings brought presents to baby Jesus. We learnt about a special cake (la galette) which contains a hidden figurine (la fève). We shared a pretend galette so that we could award the crown to the child who found ‘la fève’ and got to be king (le roi) or queen (la reine) for the day. The children all decorated their own crown. Juniors played a special noughts and crosses type game called Morpion, with questions based on the festival, to test their knowledge.
La couronne – the crown le roi – the king la reine – the queen Bonne Année – Happy New Year
Song: J’aime la galette (a variation on p.24 J’aime la baguette)

JUNIORS continued the term with :
The Days of the Week (Les Jours de la Semaine) and used several fun team games to help memorise them. We learnt that letterboxes in France are yellow, not red.
Lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche (all spelt without capital letters in French)
Le facteur – postman la lettre – letter la boîte aux lettres – letterbox la bicyclette/le vélo – bicycle
Songs : Le facteur n’est pas passé à la boîte aux lettres ; Les jours de la semaine (p33)

They moved onto Transport, learning the different ways we travel around
à pied (on foot), en voiture (by car), en train (by train), en vélo (by bike), en scooter (by scooter), en moto (by motorbike), en avion (by aeroplane), en bateau (by boat), en autobus (by bus)
They played charades, lotto and Traffic Lights and sang ‘un kilometre à pied, ça use les souliers’ a fun song in which the children got to substitute different kinds of transport, clothing and had them counting up in kilometres as the song progressed.

INFANTS started the term with ‘le sandwich’. They learnt how to make a typical French sandwich and chose their fillings, then practiced with a fun mime.
Le jambon (ham) le fromage (cheese) la salade (lettuce) la tomate (tomato) la baguette (baguette loaf)
Le beurre (butter) Je mange (I eat)
Song : J’aime la baguette (p24)

Infants continued with ‘les boissons’ (drinks). They know a variety of hot and cold drinks and have practiced asking for a drink. We played some fun games to reinforce the vocabulary.
Je bois (I drink) de l’eau (water) le jus d’orange (orange juice) du lait (milk) le chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) le thé (tea) le café (coffee) le coca (coca cola) la limonade (lemonade). Je voudrais de l’eau, s’il vous plaît. Merci ! (I’d like some water please. Thank you!)

Infants have also learnt about French breakfast (le petit déjeuner). Je mange..(I eat..) un croissant, un pain au chocolat , une tartine (bread, usually with butter (le beurre) and jam (la confiture)), des céréales (cereal). They also revised drink vocabulary as part of this topic.
Song: J’ai du chocolat (p27)
They also absolutely love singing and participating in ‘le Gouzi Gouzi’ (the Hokey Cokey) .(p23)

We all finished with a celebration of Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday). The children helped Hugo, our club mascot, make pretend pancakes and had fun tossing them. We learnt the ingredients and the actions and enjoyed choosing toppings.
La crêpe (pancake) la farine (flour) les oeufs (eggs) du lait (milk) lance la crêpe ! Toss the pancake !
Je verse (I pour) je casse les œufs (I crack the eggs) je mélange (I mix) du citron et sucre (lemon and sugar) du chocolat (chocolate) une crêpe au chocolat (chocolate pancake)

JUNIORS In town/shops; In the countryside/animals; Mother’s Day; Easter.
INFANTS Likes and dislikes; Family; Mother’s Day; Easter.
We will continue to review and build on the topics covered this term.
La boulangerie – bakery, la boucherie – the butchers, le supermarché – supermarket
Le lapin – rabbit , la poule - hen, le poussin – chick, le poisson – fish
Bonne fête Maman ! Happy Mother’s Day !
Un oeuf en chocolat – Easter egg Joyeuses Pâques – Happy Easter
J’aime (I like) Je n’aime pas (I don’t like)
La famille (family) Maman (Mum) Papa (Dad) la sœur (sister) le frère (brother)

Songs : Une Maman ça aime énormément (p.13), Si tu as (p.10), Le vieux Jo (p.17) J’aime la baguette (p.4)

Please remember that we expect half a term’s notice if you are not continuing.
We look forward to seeing you next term to continue your lifelong journey in French.
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