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Barrow Hedges year 3s - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Autumn 1- 2017/2018


First of all, I was very pleased to see so many familiar faces back to the French Club this year.

We started our half term by remembering what we’ve learned last year. It was beneficial for everyone and it was an opportunity to start smoothly.

We remembered how to greet somebody, "Bonjour, Comment ça va?" to which they would choose to answer "Ça va bien" (I am fine), "Ça va mal" (I am not good) or "Comme-ci, comme ça" (so and so). They’ve been very good at remembering the 3 different greeting songs learned last year and we’ve started to learn a new one.
We remembered how to introduce ourselves "je m'appelle..." (my name is) and how we can say how old we are.
Most of the children are confident counting to 20, and are eager to take turn and count out loud in front of their friends. We made sure we could remember our colours and how to use "Oui" (yes) and "Non" (No).

With the weather changing, it was the perfect opportunity to start talking about the forecast and learn few expressions. “Il fait chaud/froid” (It’s hot/cold), “Il fait soleil” (it’s sunny), “Il pleut” (It’s raining), “il neige” (It’s snowing). They really enjoyed practicing the words with a game of Hot &Cold in French of course!

They are also working really hard to remember the days of the day and to make it easy, we are using the melody of The Old McDonald song.

In our last session, we talked about what items we could have in our pencil case. We’ve learned that a “gomme” is a rubber, that “ciseaux” are scissors, a pencil is “un crayon”, etc.

Salut, comment ça va? Greetings.
Les jours de la semaine. (The days of the week)

FOR THE REST OF THE TERM WE WILL COVER: The topic of Autumn, food and being at the table, being polite, adjectives and Christmas. We will, of course still practice everything learned until now.
FESTIVALS: Noël (Christmas)
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