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Barrow Hedges year 2s - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Summer 1 / 2017


In order to continue practicing our greetings, we’ve learned a new song “Salut mes amis”. The children now know they can greet their friends or family with “Salut” (Hi), instead of “Bonjour”. They enjoyed singing it at the beginning of each session.

During our first session, we talked about Pâques en France (Easter in France) and how different or similar the celebrations are in England. The children were a bit disappointed to learn there wasn’t any Easter bunny in France but instead, the Easter bells! They cheered up when they learned the French children do get lots of chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday though! They practiced the words: oeufs (eggs), chocolat (chocolate) and lapin (bunny rabbit) and enjoyed saying “J’aime le chocolat” (I like chocolate).

We then worked on the expressions such as “J’ai chaud, j’ai froid” (I’m hot/I’m cold), “J’ai faim, j’ai soif” (I’m hungry/I’m thirsty) through games and actions. The children enjoyed throwing a ball to each other, pretending it was a ball of fire, while shouting “J’ai chaud”. Then they did the same pretending it was a snowball using the expression “J’ai froid”.

We introduced the notions of “Je mange” (I eat) and “Je bois” (I drink) and started to learn the vocabulary for fruits and vegetables. The children really enjoyed the fruit testing as they had to choose from “Une pomme, une poire et une banane” (apple, pear, banana) and practice “j’aime la pomme/poire/banane” (I like apple/pear/banana). We learned few vegetables too.

On our last session, we mainly talked about farm animals and the children found very amusing the fact the French animals make different noises to the animal in England!

We will continue to explore the topic of food and we will pretend we are going to a French market. We will then focus on animals, such as jungle animals, sea animals and forest animals. We will also revise and practice numbers as well as the vocabulary already learned.
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