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Barrow Hedges year 1s - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Autumn 1- 2017/2018


French being a new subject for most of the children, we started our learning journey by talking about France in general. They loved the fun facts such as: the French eat snails, frog legs and stinky cheeses!
We talked about the Eiffel Tower too, landmark of the French capital Paris.

We have now learned how to greet somebody, "Bonjour, Comment ça va?" to which they would choose to answer "Ça va bien" (I am fine), "Ça va mal" (I am not good) or "Comme-ci, comme ça" (so and so). To practice, we sing a greeting song at the beginning of the French club every week. Ask your child to sing it to you.

We have learned how to introduce ourselves "je m'appelle..." (my name is...) and to say Oui or Non (Yes or No). The children enjoyed counting and now can confidently count to 5. They know the colours of the french flag (bleu, blanc, rouge) and enjoyed spoting the 3 colours in the classroom.

For our last session this week, we had fun learning the song “Frère Jacques”. The children learned that “frère” means brother, which will be useful when we start the family members topic.

Bonjour les amis, comment ça va? - which is a song summarising the greetings.
Frère Jacques – Booklet p6

FOR THE REST OF THE TERM WE WILL COVER: Autumn, Asking someone how old he/she is?, more colours, food (how to make a sandwich). We will also review and build on the vocabulary we learned this half-term as well as the numbers.

FESTIVALS: Noël (Christmas)
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